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Re: ISS amateur radio (fwd)

Hello All...

Thanks Pat.

ISS repeater has been ACTIVE since 1600 UTC on July 31st.
Since it has been back on, I've worked a couple of stations while being
mobile on 2 ocassions. The repeater is working good but it has a lot of
Pre-emphasis on the repeater audio. Which basically means that it is
amplifying all audio coming into the repeater. So, if you can, turn DOWN
your audio and you will be heard, and sound good. It appears that when
you have a hot mic into ISS repeater, your signal overloads/degrades
your signal. Several tests were done in Europe on this. It was found that
if you are too loud, you cut yourself off! If you back down on your audio,
everything is 100%. If you can't turn down your mic gain, back OFF from
your mic, or don't talk as loud. I have heard MANY times.. all the time,
someone very excited, yelling into the mic and cutting themselves off.
If you need to yell, do it at arm's length so we can understand you.

Also, if running fullduplex, use headphones, or turn down your speaker.
Turn the mic away from the speaker to prevent feedback.

My 2 cents worth...

73, Scott

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Subject: [sarex] ISS amateur radio (fwd)

> Greetings
> The International Space station radio is now operating cross-band repeat
> or mode U/V  
> Look at amsat.org for details on operating.
> Please dont "RUN" the satellite. Be happy with one or two contacts per
> pass.
> Try calling the crew. they may be listening and answer.
> Thanks, 73 Patrick n2oeq
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