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Re: ISS repeater

AJ9N@aol.com wrote:
> Also, please remember that the better the antenna the better  you will be 
> into the repeater and with longer time per pass.  Yes, you can  get in with a 
> simple vertical, but it may be only for 3 or 4 minutes of a 10  minute pass.  
> Obviously a beam works best.

The great thing is that if we have a mixture of 1/4 wavers, 5/8wavers and beamers, then each can have a few minutes when 
their station would work best.  If you are a 5/8 waver or a beamer, only operate on the ends of the pass.  If you have a 
  1/4 wave or handheld, operate near the apex of the pass.  If the high gainers stay out of the apex, then the low power 
stations can demonstrate HAM radio to people with portable, simple stations and show how much fun you can have on a budget.

We all know that beams work best.  We don't have to prove it over and over.  What makes sense to me, is to investigate 
what works reliably, with the least amount of equipment.  That makes it easier to go portable quickly, and to plan on a 
moments notice, what part of the pass you need to work to be sure of a QSO.

Gregg Wonderly
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