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Re: ISS Phone activity

Greg and all,

I have noticed the same thing here.
I also know that there is a lot of LUCK involved in working the crew.
There is no descreation, and the ISS crew works the east coast a lot!!
I guess one just needs to listen.
The more you listen, the more you know....

73, Scott

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> Not much different out here.  Years ago you could occasionally snag a chat
> with the folks on Mir at random times in their morning or evening.  Being 
> on
> the west coast gave you a little advantage being first in line as they 
> came
> up over the ocean.  I once had a chat with John Blaha on Mir as I was
> driving to work, but I don't think he saw me wave as he went by.  But just
> as there's an advantage on the west coast, there's also an advantage out
> east; several times I've heard packet as the station came up over the
> western horizon, only to have it switch to phone just as it was about to 
> set
> again to the east.  Seems that crew didn't get to thinking about the radio
> until after they were already over land.
> But these days I only hear about random QSOs with the ground immediately
> before or after a scheduled school contact.  Regardless of which coast or
> continent you're on, that's going to be your best bet.
> Greg  KO6TH
> Greetings again
> Lots of emotions but no details!
> How often is the crew on phone out west?
> Almost exclusively packet here.
> pat n2oeq 
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