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RE: ISS Phone activity

Not much different out here.  Years ago you could occasionally snag a chat 
with the folks on Mir at random times in their morning or evening.  Being on 
the west coast gave you a little advantage being first in line as they came 
up over the ocean.  I once had a chat with John Blaha on Mir as I was 
driving to work, but I don't think he saw me wave as he went by.  But just 
as there's an advantage on the west coast, there's also an advantage out 
east; several times I've heard packet as the station came up over the 
western horizon, only to have it switch to phone just as it was about to set 
again to the east.  Seems that crew didn't get to thinking about the radio 
until after they were already over land.

But these days I only hear about random QSOs with the ground immediately 
before or after a scheduled school contact.  Regardless of which coast or 
continent you're on, that's going to be your best bet.

Greg  KO6TH

Greetings again

Lots of emotions but no details!

How often is the crew on phone out west?

Almost exclusively packet here.

pat n2oeq
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