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Re: ISS amateur radio

To say the crew is "busy" is a bit of an understatement...  with the 
repeated failures of the Elektron oxygen generation system, pressure leaks, 
various electrical problems, failure of the exercise equipment, unloading of 
cargo flights, etc, they have had precious little time for ham operations. 
To accuse them of not being "interested in calling CQ" is downright 

One basic reason that the ISS station is in packet mode most of the time is 
that it is a "set it and forget it" mode for the crew:  it doesn't require 
any of their attention while they carry out their activities.  That being 
said, the FM crossband repeater mode also does not require any of their 
attention, yet it has been many months since I have heard the ISS in 
repeater mode.

I would like to suggest that a daily rotation be set up:  packet one day, FM 
repeater mode the next.

Is there anyone from the planning team here, who could pass along the 

George, KA3HSW

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> Greetings once again

> I realize the astronauts are busy but it is also obviuous that they are
> not interested in calling CQ ( yes on FM ).
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