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ISS amateur radio

Greetings once again

I made a simple request and unwittingly brought out the packet crowd and
the obviously condescending types. 

It isnt good enough that the APRS junkies have had the run of the manned
space program for years but now the slightest hint of competition makes
them growl.

So be it! I will now do whatever I can to bring back PHONE operation.

I always thought APRS was a frivolous mode except maybe for a mobile.
Is everyone playing G.I. joe or is there some other appeal?

I lost interest in ISS packet a year and a half ago. It takes more to keep
my interest.

How could someone possibly enjoy packet more than talking to an astronaut
in space? 

I realize the astronauts are busy but it is also obviuous that they are
not interested in calling CQ ( yes on FM ).

If one or more people were to ask them to call CQ, then maybe they would!

Which leads me back to the original message:

If anyone talks to the crew, ask them to call CQ when they can.


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