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ARISS / School recordings available on EchoLink

Hello All,
For those interested, ARISS is now recording most of the School / ISS  
telebridge contacts and making them available on EchoLink.
These recordings can be accessed at any time simply be logging onto the 
AMSAT conference room with EchoLink and typing  .list  to see what's 
available, then typing   .play #  ,the # represents the number  of the 
recording you require.  Don't forget to put a "dot" in front of the command.
It is intended to make the three latest contacts available, those older 
will be deleted.

 I would appreciate it, if those who use this service and listen to the 
recordings could email me with a  quick message to say so.
By e-mailing me ARISS can gauge the interest  in the  recordings. Thanks.

You can e-mail me at vk5zai@AMSAT.org  or at the address above.

Best regards,

J.A.Hutchison.  VK5ZAI
P.O Box 470
South Australia

Australian ARISS Co-ordinator
web site :- http://www.electric-web.org
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