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Mayborn museum contact successful

A crowd of nearly 200 filled the Mayborn Museum auditorium, located on the
campus of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, to listen to Expedition 11
science officer and U.S astronaut, John Phillips, answer 20 questions asked
by 11 children.

The contact was telebridged via the WH6PN ground station in Hawaii due to
orbital pass limitations and the museum's hours of operation. The ground
station began calling about 30 seconds before the ISS was in range and kept
calling. On the tenth call, the voice of Phillips was heard saying he could
hear the ground station "loud and clear" and that he was ready for the

The children, previous visitors to the museum, were selected by placing
questions in boxes located through out the museum and later contacted once
the target date was set. One very young child got mic fright and Mom had to
fill in for his questions while he stood next to her. The signal from the
ISS started to fade while Phillips was answering the 21st out of the 22
planned questions.

After the contact, several activities including foot stomp rockets, displays
of emergency response equipment used by the Salvation Army and the local
Heart of Texas Amateur Radio club (W5ZDN), a mobile ATV station complete
with 65 foot tower and viewings of a couple of space station documentaries
were available. Visitors could also enjoy any of the 16 hands-on,
interactive rooms (including communications and transportation) which are
part of a discovery center, an 1890's historic village, and a Natural
History museum which has a scale replica of the Columbian mammoth
paleontological dig located near Waco.

Kenneth - N5VHO
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