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Training the school listening to the contact in Switzerland

This morning during the scheduled training meeting at school, we had the
opportunity to listen live at 145.800 MHz the contact between John Phillips
and the school in Switzerland.
Our school, Comprensivo Negri situated in North Italy locator JN45FD, is
waiting since 2004 for an ARISS opportunity to contact the Crew.
I have prepared a website for the school and images of this morning are


The equipment prepared this morning was:

Portable computer with NOVA for Windows to track the ISS
Radio Kenwood TM-D700 
Preamplifier SSB Electronics 145 MHz
MFJ Switching power supply
Arrows antenna

The signal was 59 for all 10 minutes and it was a beautiful surprise for the
students (about 100 this morning).

During the month of June we had the opportunity to see in the sky three
passes over Europe (one 88 degrees for our position).The meetings were at
Casale Monferrato Airport and about 300 students attended to the event.

Now all is ok for the future contact with Astronauts and we have prepared
and distribuited 250 CD of SATSCAPE (tnx to Scott Hather for the
permission), so during the summer all the students will have the possibility
to predict and see the ISS pass in the sky.

73' de Claudio IK1SLD - ISS FanClub Staff
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