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Re: ARISS Event Notice -- Coronado Village School Tuesday 24 May!

I appreciate the effort and enjoyed listening via MCI's website.  I will 
have to get our repeater set up with IRLP for the future!

I have questions....

With understandable respect to the uplink frequency security, what 
equipment was used to make this "tele-bridge" happen?  Please spare me the 
"We had radios connected to antennas with the audio going into a computer 
via a sound card."

We are amateurs and we love equipment!  I would like details!  Something 
along the lines of...

"We used an ICOM 910 listening to the downlink via a M2 22 element circular 
polarized satellite antenna being steered by a Yaesu 5400 AZ-EL and 
controlled using InstantTrack.  The uplink was controlled via a vox circuit 
through a rigblaster..."

What radios did you use?  What antennas did you use?  How were they 
controlled (if necessary).  How was it interfaced to the Internet? 
ETC!!!  We want details!

Again, the uplink frequency is not being asked for, for obvious reasons.

Thanks a BUNCH!!!!

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