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ARISS Contact Schedule and Successful school list updated 2005-05-20 17:00 UTC

ARISS Contact Schedule and Successful school  list updated 2005-05-20 17:00 

Expedition 11 crew is now on the  ISS.
John Phillips KE5DRY 
Sergei Krikalev  U5MIR

The schedule page has been updated as of 2005-05-20  17:00 UTC.

Look for the added frequency chart for packet, voice,  and crossband repeater 
modes showing Doppler correction.

Several  schools will be live simulcasted via the world wide web.  Check out 
the  instructions for each school on the schedule page to get to the audio  

Additional instructions have been added on how to listen  in when the 
streaming audio is provided by MCI. 

Also,  please monitor the IRLP and Echolink webpages for possible upcoming 
contacts  that will be simulcast.

IRLP website at:    
This new site will have the links  for simulcast contacts that have IRLP and 

The successful school list has been updated as of  2005-05-17 03:00 UTC. 

Special Event planned. 
Please read the  following from Frank Bauer KA3HDO.  


On  behalf of the ARISS-International team, it is my pleasure to let you 
know of  an exciting school education opportunity.  As of a couple of days 
ago,  the ARISS team got permission from the ISS Program Office (US and 
Russia) to  proceed forward with the delivery of the  Space Suit satellite 
project  that was discussed at the 2004 AMSAT Symposium.

We will be  providing you all more details about Suitsat in the near future.

In  the meantime, have an excellent opportunity for Schools and Students 
called  "School Spacewalk."  I have included below a description of this  
initiative to get the ball rolling.  You can also see a word version of  
this (that can be downloaded) at the following  URL:


Please  forward this information on to schools in your area.  Most 
importantly,  take some initiative to get these schools interested in the 
Amateur Radio  hobby and amateur space communication.

On behalf of the ARISS team,  we look forward to some real excitement as 
Suitsat gets ready for deployment  off the ISS this fall.

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
ARISS  International Chairman

Attention Schools!!
Would your  school like to participate in a spacewalk??
Here is an outstanding  opportunity!!


In the fall of 2005, a  Russian spacesuit is expected to be deployed from 
the International Space  Station.  This deployment is expected to occur 
during a spacewalk  currently planned in mid-September.  Once deployed, the 
spacesuit will  orbit the Earth for several weeks until it burns up as it 
enters the Earth's  atmosphere.

The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station  (ARISS) team has 
received permission to include a special compact disk  on-board this 
spacesuit with school artwork included.  As a result,  participating schools 
will have an opportunity to "fly" their artwork as  part of the spacewalk.

To participate, schools should develop a 1  page piece of artwork that 
uniquely represents your school.  This could  be an artist's representation 
of the school, a list of student names,  student signatures, a school 
science project summary or a school mission  patch.  This artwork should be 
primarily developed by the  students.  The goal is for you to use your 
imagination and engage your  students in the development of the artwork.

The page, as delivered,  should not exceed 8.5x11 inches (216x279 mm) so 
that it can be easily  scanned onto the compact disk.  Schools can also take 
a digital  photograph of their art work and send this in.  If you elect to 
take a  digital photograph, we ask that this be in jpg format and not exceed 
2 megs  in size.  No other formats can be accepted.

Delivery  Specifics:

All entries need to be received prior to June 15 2005 to  be included on the 
compact disk.  The disk will be delivered to Russia  in late June, flown to 
the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and launched on  the 19P Progress 
vehicle currently planned for August  2005.

8.5x11 inch (216x279 mm) page artwork can be mailed to the  following address:
School Spacewalk
850 Sligo Ave.
Suite  600
Silver Spring, MD  20910-4703  USA

Jpg images, no  greater than 2 megs, using the naming 
format   "schoolname_location.jpg"  can be e-mailed 
to:   <mailto:schoolspacewalk@comcast.net>schoolspacewalk@comcast.net

The  ARISS team looks forward to your artwork and is pleased to provide this  
opportunity to school students around the  world!!

Check  out the link on the schedule page to download a video that Mike Fincke 
KE5AIT  and Gennady Padalka RN3DT have produced of life on the ISS.

The  latest ARISS announcement and successful school list is now available on 
the  ARISS web site.  There are several ARISS web  sites:

English:   http://www.rac.ca/ariss/

French:   http://c.avmdti.free.fr/ariss/index.htm

ARISS Europe:   http://www.ariss-eu.org/

ARISS Japan:   http://www.jarl.or.jp/ariss/

Other locations  include:

Latest ARISS announcements and news  

Successful  school  list

The  ISS Fan Club website  is:

K1ELA has a website  at:

ON6SAT has a website  at:

Charlie Sufana  AJ9N
One of the ARISS operation team mentors  
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