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EXP 11 STATUS - 10 MAY 2005

Submitted by Arthur N1ORC - AMSAT A/C #31468

 Expedition 11 Flight Engineer and NASA ISS Science Officer John 
Phillips talked to students on the International Space Station's amateur 

Now in their fourth week on the International Space Station, the 
Expedition 11 crewmembers are keeping up a busy work schedule, 
maintaining equipment, conducting experiments and preparing for a 
Station reboost.

Flight Engineer and NASA ISS Science Officer John Phillips did some 
computer maintenance Tuesday, while Commander Sergei Krikalev replaced 
filters in the Service Module's ventilation system.

Phillips also reconfigured some video cameras Tuesday that will be used 
during a Station reboost scheduled for Wednesday. Russian flight 
controllers will command the docked Progress 17 spacecraft to fire its 
engines for 5 minutes to raise the Station's orbit. The cameras will 
capture video of external Station elements that might flex or bend 
during the maneuver.
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