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ARISS Event Followup -- First Swiss School Success!


The ARISS School Contact with the school at Richterswil in 
Switzerland has been performed today 19 April 2005 in 
excellent conditions.

Contact was established at 07:37 UTC, which is 09:37 local 
time. Signals from space were loud and clear all along the 

Leroy Chiao, KE5BRW answered all the 20 questions prepared 
by the 8-10 year old schoolchildren. He said he had a nice 
view of the Alps and the Zurich region. He cannot see 
planes but very well the trails they produce in the 
atmosphere. He also said he was delighted to speak to 
schoolchildren from space over amateur radio.

This ARISS School Contact was a first for Switzerland. It 
also was record breaking. Indeed, no astronaut ever before 
had done 23 ARISS School Contacts during an expedition 
onboard the ISS. Congratulations Leroy!

Within a few days crew 10 will return to earth after a 6 
months mission onboard the ISS. Crew 11 is already 
onboard, comprising cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, U5MIR, 
Commander and astronaut John Phillips, KE5DRY, Expedition 
11 Flight Engineer and NASA Station Science Officer.

We wish Expedition 11 an excellent mission and Crew 10, 
Leroy Chiao, Salizhan Sharipov as well as visiting ESA 
astronaut Roberto Vittori a safe journey back home.

The audio of the Richterswil contact is available on the 
Archive page of ARISS-Europe website.

Gaston Bertels, ON4WF
ARISS-Europe chairman
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