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EXP 10 STATUS - 13 APRIL 2005

Submitted by Arthur N1ORC - Amsat A/C #31468

Expedition 10 Commander Leroy Chiao and Flight Engineer Salizhan 
Sharipov remain on track with packing up and preparing the International 
Space Station for its next resident crew, Expedition 11.

On Thursday, Expedition 11 Commander Sergei Krikalev and Flight Engineer 
and NASA ISS Science Officer John Phillips will launch from Baikonur 
Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, aboard a Soyuz rocket for their 6-month stay 
onboard the Station. Visiting crew member and European Space Agency 
Astronaut Roberto Vittori will ride with Expedition 11 and stay on the 
orbiting complex for eight days before returning home with Expedition 10.

Chiao and Sharipov continued maintenance activities aboard their 
orbiting home, including preparing and packing items for the return to 
Earth. Additionally, to prepare for his return to full gravity, Sharipov 
completed his second of two sessions with a device designed to simulate 
gravity by applying negative pressure to the lower half of the body. 
Both crewmembers also completed their usual 2.5 hour exercise regimen.
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