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ISS packet BBS working again

I observed this morning, April 1 ( No Foolin'), that a station successfully
connected to the ISS packet mailbox (RS0ISS-11). I was able to confirm that
the BBS system had returned to operation on the next pass. The mailbox
system has been down for the past several weeks due to unknown reasons.
Previous attempts to recover the BBS utilizing power cycling were
unsuccessful. I suspect the long power down of the radio in support of the
recent spacewalk contributed to the recovery of that portion of the ISS
packet operations on the Kenwood D-700.

Since the system has been down for a while, here is a reminder of the
commands used for the Kenwood mailbox. Note, they differ slightly from other
packet mailbox command structure. They are provided here in order to
minimize the number of station that have to request the Help from the PMS
which contributes to *A LOT* of excessive traffic during the pass for a
given area. 
**If a station connects to the ISS mailbox, the following will be received: 

Welcome to RS0ISS's message board 
System Ver 1.50 112864 Bytes free 

****Please do not send an H or ?.***** The following help menu will be sent
and it takes a lot of time. Considering the delay issues over some parts of
the world, this could effectively eliminate any one else from using the
system during that pass.

W(rite) = Type W (callsign)<cr> to begin message entering. 
     Subject: = Header (max 30 characters) are entered after the prompt:
"Subject". Ending the header with a carriage return <cr>. 
     Message: = Message are entered after the prompt: "Message". Ending each
line with <cr>. You terminate with either a <cr>/EX<cr> or <cr><ctrl-Z><cr>
to the indicate end of your message.	 
B(ye) = Type B<cr> to DISCONNECT. 
F(ile) = Type F<cr> to show the latest 20 messages. 
L(ist) = Type L<cr> to show the all messages. 
M(ine) = Type M<cr> to show latest 20 messages (to or from you). Subsequent
F or M command will show next 20 active messages. 
R(ead) = Type R n<cr> to show the number n message. 
A(bort) = Type A<cr> to Abort. 
J = Type J<cr> to show connect stations. 
K(ill) = Type K n<cr> to delete the number n message (only to or from you). 
H(elp) or ? = Type H<cr> or ?<cr> to display this. 

**When a B is sent to disconnect, the following is received. 

Thank you CU AGN 73 
Please be courteous to other operators who are just relaying info using the
ARISS digi when utilizing the mailbox. Try uploading messages during low
usage times and avoid using the mailbox if you have a minimal station or
can't maintain a solid link to the system. Only 1 user can connect to the
mailbox at a time. If a station establishes a connection but cannot maintain
it, the system will be not be accessible by anyone else until the mailbox
times out the user and transmits several disconnect frames.

Kenneth - N5VHO
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