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EXP 10 STATUS - 16 MARCH 2005

Submitted by Arthur N1ORC - Amsat A/C #31468

* Crew Stays Busy with Maintenance, Tests and Exercise*
Onboard the International Space Station, a Russian oxygen generator was 
successfully activated Wednesday. A gyroscope that helps control the 
Station's direction shut down. The crew continues health tests, exercise 
and preparations for homecoming.

A troublesome oxygen generator inside the Zvezda Service Module was 
reactivated after two restart attempts. Commander Leroy Chiao and Flight 
Engineer Salizhan Sharipov spent several hours Wednesday troubleshooting 
the device known as the Elektron. A recently docked Progress cargo 
vehicle can replenish the oxygen supply if the Elektron shuts down again.

A Control Moment Gyroscope shut down early Wednesday after a circuit 
breaker tripped. The circuit breaker was replaced last year during an 
Expedition 9 spacewalk after it had tripped also. Two other gyroscopes 
are maintaining the Station's orientation, however. Thrusters on the 
Russian side of the orbital outpost can provide steering control, but 
they use up fuel. Another gyroscope that has been broken for three years 
is due to be replaced when Space Shuttle Discovery visits the ISS in 

The Expedition 10 crewmembers participated in a hearing test to 
determine the strength of acoustic countermeasures. Chiao was also 
scheduled for a 30-minute exercise to strengthen his ability to apply 
advanced cardio life support in an emergency. Sharipov completed a 
Russian fitness test series to study preventive health maintenance.

In preparation for an April homecoming, Chiao and Sharipov performed a 
fit check of their seats inside the Soyuz descent capsule. During 
long-term stays in space the body extends in length. As a result, the 
fit check helps ensure the seats will adequately protect the crew during 

International Space Station Status Report #13 
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