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EXP 10 STATUS - 15 MARCH 2005

Submitted by Arthur N1ORC - Amsat A/C #31468

* Crew's Week Begins With Science and Maintenance*
Commander Leroy Chiao and Flight Engineer Salizhan Sharipov spent 
Tuesday aboard the International Space Station performing science, 
maintaining equipment and exercising. Future activities include a 
Station reboost, a second spacewalk and the mid-April launch of the 
Expedition 11 crew.

Chiao and Sharipov measured their body mass and their calf volume. 
Scientists on the ground will use the data to understand deconditioning 
in microgravity, as well as the effectiveness of countermeasures. Also, 
Sharipov continued with the second part of a Russian fitness test series 
meant to study preventive health maintenance. He trained on the VELO 
cycle ergometer.

Chiao completed wrap-up and closeout tasks after replacing a heat 
exchanger in the Joint Airlock. Ground controllers were extremely 
pleased about the successful replacement and subsequent leak checks. On 
a similar note, Sharipov installed a water sampler in the Service Module 
that will sample humidity produced by the environment control and life 
support system.

The commander worked out for 2 ½ hours on the Station's treadmill and 
the Resistive Exercise Device then prepared his exercise data files for 
downlink to Mission Control. Sharipov got his exercise during the 
Russian fitness test.

On March 25th the Station is planned for an orbital reboost and three 
days later a second spacewalk for Expedition 10 is scheduled. In 
mid-April Expedition 11 is set to launch from Russia in a Soyuz 
spacecraft, dock with the Station and replace Expedition 10.

International Space Station Status Report #13 
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