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EXP 10 STATUS - 3 MARCH 2005

Submitted by Arthur N1ORC - Amsat A/C #31468

* Station Crewmembers Begin Cargo Transfers*
On Thursday, Expedition 10 Commander Leroy Chiao and Flight Engineer 
Salizhan Sharipov began unloading items from the unpiloted cargo ship 
that delivered 4,631 pounds (2,100 kilograms) of cargo to the 
International Space Station.

Progress 17 docked with the aft end of the Station's Zvezda Service 
Module at 2:10 p.m. CST (2010 GMT) Wednesday. The Progress delivered 
food, supplies, fuel, oxygen, air and water. The Progress' cargo also 
includes cameras and lenses that will be used to photograph the thermal 
protection tiles of Space Shuttle Discovery as the Return to Flight 
mission approaches the Station in May or June.

Progress 17 is attached to the docking port previously occupied by the 
ISS Progress 16 spacecraft. Progress 16 was commanded to undock Sunday 
to clear the way for Progress 17. Progress 16, which is filled with 
trash and other unneeded Station items, will orbit the Earth for 10 days 
before being commanded to re-enter the atmosphere to burn up harmlessly 
over the Pacific Ocean.

*  A camera on the ISS Progress 17 spacecraft captured  the 
International Space Station prior to docking.*

International Space Station Status Report No. 11 
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