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St. John's School February 23 Contact Results and Files

The February 23 contact between ISS Commander Leroy Chiao and St. John's
School in downtown Houston was very successful.  Fifteen (15) questions were
asked and answered completely, from 10 students.  The audio quality was
excellent throughout the entire pass.  Very slight fading was noticed in the
downlink from about 7:53 to 8:00 minutes into the contact.  Leroy answered
our first call at 7 seconds after AOS.  His reply was a little weak, but
good enough to start with the first question.  The contact lasted 10:07, 12
seconds longer than predicted, perhaps aided by ducting in the foggy
conditions we encountered throughout the morning.

The contact took place in the Virginia Stuller Tatham Fine Arts Center
Auditorium.  Approximately 400 elementary students and some parents and
staff were in attendance.  The contact took place on the stage, with the
GrafTrack satellite tracking program running on the large overhead screen,
providing a nice backdrop.  Members of the Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club and
the Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club assisted with the contact.

See the St. John's School website at http://www.sjs.org/news/news/
<http://www.sjs.org/news/news/%20>  for pictures, audio, and video.

Nick Lance, KC5KBO, Dan Sedej, KD5YCW and George Fletcher, AD5CQ were in
attendance at the school while Larry Dietrich, WD8KUJ, Gil Carman, WA5NOM,
and Ken Ransom, N5VHO supported from the JSC Amateur Radio Club shack.
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