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ARISS contact for Rockland District Hight School successful

Hi all,

Congratulations to Rockland District High School (led by teacher David Allen) 
and Leroy Chiao KE5BRW operating NA1SS from the International Space Station.  
Rockland District High School is in Rockland, Maine.  The school callsign was 
W1BPR operated by George Caswell W1ME, Norm Smith NY1B, and members of the 
Pen Bay Amateur Radio Club.  The contact was also simulcast over a local 
repeater system.

The contact was schedule for Feb. 14 at approximately 15:06 UTC.  Contact was 
established about 2 minutes into the pass and Leroy had time to answer 13 
questions.  Eleven students were able to ask at least one question and two were 
able to ask a second. There were 2 or 3 momentary signal dropouts I believe due 
the ISS superstructure blocking the signal path.

There were at least 2 TV stations and at least one newspaper in attendance.  
Approximately 400 students and visitors watched the contact.

Congratulations once again to Leroy and Rockland.

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
ARISS Mentor for Rockland
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