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Successful ARISS contact for Fairview Elementary 2005-02-10 17:58 UTC

Hi all,

Here is the quick report on the successful ARISS contact this noon with Leroy 
Chiao KE5BRW operating NA1SS on the ISS with Fairview School in Mount 
Prospect, IL operating AJ9N.

The kids and Leroy did an absolutely outstanding job and everyone should be 
commended.  We were able to go through all students twice and had time for a 
few extra questions.  A total of 23 questions were asked.  My crew did an 
outstanding job.

We acquired Leroy's signal about 90 seconds after the predicted AOS.  Signoff 
occurred a few seconds before LOS with the students and parents saying 73.

The contact was simulcast to the World Wide Web and there were over 50 hits.  
The contact was also simulcast via the IRLP system using a radio link to the 
N9EP repeater on an experimental basis.

I'll have more details later about the contact.

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
One of the ARISS mentors and Control Op for Fairview Elementary
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