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Submitted by Arthur N1ORC - Amsat A/C #31468

* ISS Crew Works With US, Russian Experiments*
The Expedition 10 crew worked with several International Space Station 
science experiments on Tuesday. Flight Engineer Salizhan Sharipov 
conducted the final run of this session with a Russian plasma/crystal 
experiment, which is studying how plasma-dust crystals and fluids behave 
in microgravity when excited by radio waves.

Commander Leroy Chiao performed the monthly photography of the Binary 
Colloid Alloy Test-3 
<http://exploration.grc.nasa.gov/6712/comflu/bcat3.html> (BCAT-3) 
experiment, which is studying microscopic particles suspended in fluid. 
BCAT-3 provides a unique opportunity to understand fundamental physics 
and develop important future technologies -- all in a package the size 
of an ordinary textbook.

Chiao also set up equipment for the Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound in 
Microgravity (ADUM) experiment. ADUM is being used to determine the 
ability of minimally trained Station crewmembers to perform advanced 
ultrasound examinations after using a computer-based training program. 
In addition to having benefits to long-duration space flight, ADUM could 
have widespread applications in emergency and rural care situations on 

In other activities Tuesday, Chiao began the regeneration of 
carbon-dioxide absorbers in the U.S. spacesuits and recharged batteries 
for the Station's defibrillator device.

International Space Station Status Report No. 6. 
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