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Re: ISS/PCsat Joint Ops report

It appears that the ISS radio did a reset and is now
back on the standard 145.80 down 145.99 up packet
operation. This is a bit of blessing ( and a bit
disappointing) since PCSAT suffered a couple of resets
due to the increased activity. Now, with more minimal
operations, PCSAT might last a bit longer.

I hope everyone enjoyed the chance a some multi
satellite operations.

Kenneth - N5VHO

--- Robert Bruninga <bruninga@usna.edu> wrote:

> Joint Ops Success #3:
> During the 2300z pass over the Western USA PCsat was
> leading ISS by about 8 minutes and both were
> operating
> on 145.825 MHz for UIdigipeating.
> Dozens of stations were seen, but at 2259z and2302Z,
> K7OFT in Seattle was successful with a packet
> through 
> ISS to PCsat and down to everyone in the footprint. 
> At that time ISS was about 1000 miles out over 
> the North Pacific and PCsat was over Eastern
> Arizona. 
> It was only thorugh the efforts of our West Coast
> PCsat 
> command station, N6CO, that this happened in time. 
> On
> the previous Pass, at 2119z over central USA, PCsat
> reset back to W3ADO-1 and yours-truely was out
> getting
> the kids from music lessons.  I was copying packets
> on
> my D700 mobile when everything just stopped.  Using
> the P.MON button I could see that PCsat had reset
> back
> to the W3ADO0-1 callsign, but I was miles from my
> command
> station.
> I got back just 30 seconds after LOS!  A quick call
> to
> Doc, N6CO, and he fired up his station high up in
> the
> mountains of California and was ready with AMPS on
> to restore the necessary parameters. 
> PCsat came above the horizon, but there were very
> few
> packets.  Evedryone was honoring the request to only
> digipeat through PCSAT-1 and not the reset callsign
> of
> W3ADO-1.   He waited, until he could get a good shot
> for the loggon attempt. And then sent the PCSAT-1
> callsign change.  Before he even got an ACK for the
> command, we saw at least a dozen successful
> digipeats.
> The activity was so great that it had completely
> scrolled
> off the live downlink page: http://pcsat.aprs.org
> even
> before the pass was 70% complete.
> This is only day 2 of the test, but since PCsat will
> re-enter
> eclipses tomorrow, it is doubtfull that we will be
> able to
> keep PCsat alive...  But we will try.  RULES TO LIVE
> BY:
> 1)  No dark ops
> 2)  No morning ops when PCsat is West of you (its in
> the dark)
> 3)  DIGI via PCSAT-1, or WIDE callsigns only
> 4)  Do not even transmit if W3ADO-1 is the call. 
> Your packets
>      are jamming the uplink making it difficult for
> the command
>      station to loggon and fix it!  
> 5) EXCEPTIONS to this rule are for HAWAII and Alaska
>     stations attempting very long over-ocean hops. 
> They 
>     may use the W3ADO-1 call even if PCsat has
> reset,
>    because we do not want to miss this opportunity.
> It is intersting to note that PCsat and ISS orbits
> are almost 
> right on top of each other at this time period,  But
> ISS being
> lower, it goes faster.  So  you have to wait for ISS
> to LAP
> PCsat for these joint ops periods to occur.
> PCsat's period is 101 minutes, and ISS's is 92
> miunutes so
> it takes about 10 orbits for ISS to "lap" PCsat.
> The next Event will be an excellent opportunity to
> make
> Packets from Hawaii to CONUS at 1524Z  using the
> path of VIA RS0ISS-3,PCSAT-1.  But this is well
> before
> sunrise in Hawaii and PCsat will also be in mostly
> darkness.
> This is why ONLY HAWAII stations should transmit 
> using
> the above path and NOT THE REVERSE.  Everyone
> else should just listen in the USA until after PCsat
> is well
> over canada and in good sun again.   Another good
> Hawaii-to-Alaska dual hop path is poosible at about
> 1703z.
> Good Luck!
> Bob, WB4APR
> US Naval Academy Command Station
> ----
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