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Dual Hop success:

I captured two packets that went dual-hop.  Times
are 23 seconds behind correct UTC...

[20:39:24] KC0RWZ-2>CQ,RS0ISS-3,PCSAT-1*/1:
                 =4330.34N/09648.75W`Greetings de Brian EN13 Sioux
Falls SD via ISS
[20:39:24] K0TMH>APRS,RS0ISS-3,PCSAT-1*/1:

Congratulations.  Not DX, since over the usa both birds 
were relatively close,  PCsat was 600 km out over the
atlantic and ISS was just starting over the Great lakes.
I estimate a path of about 1200 km between the birds.

Actually, the ISS to PCSAT direction will be the best
because ISS transmits with the same power as users
and has a chance.  Whether ISS will hear the 2 Watt
transmitter of PCsat is much less likely.

But I switched over the PCsat telemetry to take
advantage of a hop via ISS, so you might see 
those if you are in a QRM free area like an island
in the middle of the pacific!

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR
and Midshipman Kinzbrunner
US Naval Academy Satellite Lab
PCsat command station.
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