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ARISS Event Follow-up -- Pinion contact a success

      Today's ISS contact with Pinion Elementary in
White Rock (Los Alamos), New Mexico, was a success.
Bill Bodeker, NM5BB, reports that the contact lasted
for the duration of the pass, and that 12 students
asked about 14 questions. Chaio apparently gave some
lengthy answers.
     About 60 other students observed, along with a few
parents and teachers. The local newspaper sent a
reporter/photographer, and University of California TV
recorded the event for future use in a program about
the contact to be aired in about five or six weeks.
The program will be part of the series "Behind the
White Coat," produced at Los Alamos Labs, and
distributed by UCTV over the air and internet at the
UCTV website.
     Boedeker further reported that despite the bad
weather the radio hardware worked perfectly.
                     Gene Chapline, K5YFL
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