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digi path

That makes sense, but I didn't know there was that much interference up there. Is it local noise or just space type noise holding the BUSY open? Does the D-700 need to be shielded? I have noticed that when I send a beacon up it may take as much as 15-20 seconds to be digied back down and at 17,500 mph, I can see how it could be a long way from here by then, (foot print).

Subject:   RE: [sarex] Path "how" 

It would appear that Jeff was not alone in this. 

20041222105718 :
VO2RS]BEACON,RS0ISS-3*,SGATE,WIDE,APRS,qAr,TR8SL-12:=5318.24N/06022.26W- 73
from Goose Bay, Canada
20041222105718 : EB8CML]CQ,RS0ISS-3*,qAr,TR8SL-12:=2800.19N/01523.23W-
20041222105717 :
KB1GVR]APU25N,RS0ISS-3*,qAr,TR8SL-12:=4436.18N/06826.92W-Ellsworth ME FN54
20041222105716 : KB2M-7]SYQR0W,RS0ISS-3*,qAr,TR8SL-12:'fH~l ;/]

The time stamp does place the ISS over Africa at this time. I believe that
the delay issue we have been seeing recently contributed to this "store and
forward" phenomenon.
The Kenwood D-700 radio has a nasty habit of not transmitting anything until
the "BUSY" indicator goes away for a few seconds but the radio still hears
fine. This is apparently a design feature to minimize collisions. Since the
noise floor in space can be very high, we have been having difficulties in
getting the BUSY indicator to go out even with the squelch at maximum. 

I propose that what happened was that these stations were heard when ISS
passed over N. America and the Atlantic regions but the noise level kept the
radio from transmitting the data until ISS happened to be over the TR8SL
listen station. Note that all 4 stations were heard with in 3 seconds of
each other.

Kenneth G. Ransom - N5VHO
ISS Ham Project Engineer

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Subject: [sarex] Path "how"

I wonder what the ARISS people say about that path?

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Subject: [sarex] check out this path! 

I got digi'd off of ISS then received by a Gabon station this AM. I thought 
it was a scrambled call , but there is a tr8sl-12 on findu...

KB2M-7SYQR0W,RS0ISS-3*,qAr,TR8SL-12:'fH~l ;/]

73 Jeff kb2m FM29  

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