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Re: ISS Voice Lap

I was going to say, I thought there was an IP feed via TDRSS.  I don't 
know what their bandwidth is like, so surfing high-bandwidth websites 
might be out of the question, but I'm pretty sure they've got enough 
for POP and SMTP at least, when they're in line of sight of one of the 
two TDRSS birds.

Now .. there's also the matter of having a jam-packed work schedule (at 
$10k/pound an astronaut/cosmonaut is a very expensive payload, and they 
do their best to get that much work out of them or more!) but it's 
possible if the site is very light (text only would be good) their feed 
might be able to handle it ..

On Friday, Dec 10, 2004, at 08:16 US/Central, KA8VIT wrote:

> If I recall there IS internet on the ISS.
> The crew uses IP Phones and the Internet to talk
> with their families almost daily.
> 73,
> Bill  KA8VIT
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