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International Space Station Status Report #04-65
4 p.m. CST, Friday, December 3, 2004
Expedition 10 Crew

The International Space Stationís Expedition 10 crewmembers completed 
the first 50 days of their six-month mission this week, highlighted by a 
short flight in their Soyuz spacecraft.

To put the Station in the preferred configuration for two spacewalks out 
of the Russian Pirs Docking Compartment next year, Commander Leroy Chiao 
and Flight Engineer Salizhan Sharipov moved their ISS Soyuz 9 spacecraft 
Monday from Pirs to the Earth-facing docking port on the Zarya module 
during a 21-minute flight. The work to prepare the Station for possible 
autonomous operations, and then to reconfigure it for normal operations, 
stretched from Sunday afternoon until early Monday afternoon.

After getting off duty time Tuesday and Wednesday to rest, Chiao and 
Sharipov spent the rest of the week on routine maintenance tasks, such 
as the regeneration of filter cartridges in the Elektron oxygen 
generation system. They also completed audits of on board computer 
hardware and food as mission managers finalize the appropriate manifest 
for the next Russian cargo craft. The ISS Progress 16 spacecraft will 
ferry food, fuel, clothing and other supplies to the Station. The audit 
of food supplies aboard the Station confirmed that sufficient food 
remains for the crew until arrival of the next supply craft. Managers 
have adjusted the amount of food to be carried on the Progress, however, 
to ensure onboard stores are fully replenished.

Included in the cargo are three laptop computers that will return the 
Station Support Computer network to full functionality. This week, one 
of the computers that crewmembers use to access messages while working 
at the Zvezda moduleís command post, failed. Another computer is being 
temporarily moved from Sharipovís sleep station to the command post 
until the new laptops are delivered.

The new Progress cargo ship is targeted for launch from the Baikonur 
Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 4:19 p.m. CST on Dec. 23 (2219 GMT), and is 
due to arrive at the Station just after 6 p.m. CST on Christmas night 
(0005 GMT on Dec. 26).

Chiao and Sharipov will spend time over the next three weeks loading 
unneeded materials from throughout the Station into the Progress 
currently mated to the Zvezda module. It will be undocked and deorbited 
on Dec. 22.

On Tuesday, Sharipov located a missing component of an American 
spacesuitís cooling pump. The shim, a washer-shaped piece of metal that 
is custom fit for each spacesuit, was missing last month at a time when 
Chiao was repairing the spacesuitís pump assembly. The shim was planned 
to be installed in a portion of the spacesuit in a pure oxygen 
environment to ensure it is in pristine condition and free of 
contamination. Spacewalk specialists at the Johnson Space Center decided 
further spacesuit repair attempts will utilize a new shim to be 
delivered on the upcoming Progress to avoid any potential contamination 
from the shim that was temporarily lost.

Information on the crew's activities aboard the Space Station, future 
launch dates, as well as Station sighting opportunities from anywhere on 
the Earth, is available on the Internet at:


Details on Station science operations can be found on an Internet site 
administered by the Payload Operations Center at NASA's Marshall Space 
Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., at:


The next ISS status report will be issued Dec. 10, or sooner if events 

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