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Submitted by Arthur N1ORC - Amsat A/C #31468

* Expedition 10 Returns to Full Work Schedule*
After enjoying well-deserved off-duty time, the Expedition 10 returned 
to a full workload on Thursday. The crew received a full day of off-duty 
time Tuesday and half a day Wednesday to rest following Monday's 
relocation of the ISS Soyuz 9 spacecraft.

Thursday's activities included a food audit performed by Expedition 10 
Commander Leroy Chiao. The audit's results will allow ground support 
personnel to decide how much food to send to the Station aboard the ISS 
Progress 16 spacecraft, which is slated to arrive at the ISS on Dec. 25.

In other activities, Flight Engineer Salizhan Sharipov reinstalled an 
electronics box in the ISS Progress 15 cargo ship docked to the aft end 
of the Zvezda Service Module. He also replaced a part in a water system 
and supported activation of the Elektron oxygen generation system.

International Space Station Status Report No. 64 
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