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NA1SS active on phone, 1210Z pass

Just worked Mike, NA1SS, on his last day.  I had not worked him previously
and it was a real treat to snag him before he headed for home.

The ISS radio was on packet when I drove to the top of a nearby hill.  I
had given up and was driving home when Mike suddenly came on and called CQ.
 I snagged him immediately from my Chev Tahoe and FT-2500 into a 1/4 wave
mag mount, and we had several exchanges.  I hope someone was taping and
could, perhaps, make it available somehow.

He then worked a N1 station and talked a bit about the Red Sox.....hoping
the Astros could have made it to the series....etc.

My main exchange with him was to thank him for what he has done for amateur
radio, and how thrilled we all were on the ground with the great
opportunities we have had to play.

Brent Taylor, VE1JH
Doaktown, NB FN66
6M VUCC 481
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