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Special Event Station

Hello Everyone...

On October 16th, this next Saturday, I will have a special event station on 
the air.
This will be at the 6th Annual Marina Air Faire held in Marina, Ca. Airport 
code OAR.

It was the initial hope to have a scheduled ISS QSO with Mike Fincke with 
the public, and selected school kids to participate. Well, after many months 
of planning and coordination, it is a BUST. Due to the delay from Russia to 
send up Soyuz it put us into a window of of non opportunity. I know the kids 
and my daughter (14) especially will be disappointed. (me for the 3rd time)

There will be other opportunities, so we just have to make the best of it!

So, If you hear us on the air, give us a call!
We will have to make up some original special event QSL Cards!

73, Scott WA6LIE
Salinas, Ca. CM96 
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