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ARISS Radio needed?

Here is an observation from the ARISS meeting:

Some school contacts have to be preformed using a
tele-bridge to a HAM station in the footprint when
the school is not.  Often the fact that HAM radio
is being used is lost on the Media.

I think we need a volunteer to get out an old HAM rig
and put a Speaker Phone in it so that when the kids
are talking via the telebridge, that the images and
photos and memories of everyone involved will have
a radio as the centerpiece instead of a telephone.

I used an old Colins S-Line transciever with its large
speaker (with built in phone patch) when we did a
telebridge contact.  It was impressive.  But that was
8 years ago and now lost.

But I think this is an excellent volunteer project for someone.
The rig must not look so old as to be "dated", but should
also not be a doo-dad rice-box either.  Remember, this is
PR.  Just get a $50 speaker phone fropm Radioshack and
a good desk mike and wire it all up.  Donate it to ARISS to
ship around to each school that will be having a telebridge.

We couild probably use more than one.  

ANyway, makes a great use for an old rig that is too costly
to repair...but the lights and LED's need to work... 

de WB4APR, Bobg
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