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Investigator Science Centre / ISS report


An excellent  linkup between the Investigator Science Centre in Adelaide 
and astronaut Mike Fincke on the International Space Station took place 
on Thursday  Sept 23. Fifteen enthusiastic students from the Kilburn 
Primary School where guests at the Science Centre with questions ready 
to ask Mike as he came into range of the ARISS telebridge station in 
Honolulu operated by Nancy WH6PN. The contact was 'bridged through to 
Australia from Honolulu through the courtesy of MCI.
Thirteen of the students questions where answered in detail by Mike 
before he passed below the horizon in Honolulu.
In response to Jeffrey's question regarding experiments on board Mike 
told him that they where at present using an ultrasound machine to check 
out their bodies for any changes that may have occurred through living 
in a micro gravity environment for nearly six months.
He also told Danni that he was looking forward to returning to Earth 
shortly to see his baby daughter for the first time, she was born while 
he was on the ISS.

The Investigator Science and Technology Centre is a South Australian 
not-for-profit centre committed to creating a passion for science, 
technology and engineering among young people. On this occasion the 
guest school was the Kilburn Primary School with an enrolment of 
approximately 130 students. About 20% of the students are Aboriginal and 
25% are from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The media covered the event who asked one student after if he would like 
to become an astronaut; his answer was he wanted to play Australian 
Rules football for Port Power.

Nancy, WH6PN in Honolulu operating the ground station did a fine job, as 
did Will, KC6ROL for moderating the contact, and John, WD5EEV for 
setting it up.
Tony, VK5ZAI along with staff handled the setting up at the Investigator 
Science Centre.

      Regards Tony. 
 Aust. ARISS Co-ordinator

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