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Re: ISS repeater mode to be active

Hi all

ISS repeater was on at 2011z pass over Europe.
It was back at 2146z, but very few QSO's were
made, not because the lack of stations, but due
the repater not operating as expected. It was working
fine, and then goes QRT for a couple minutes,
and then is back for 30 secs, and after is off for
a minute or two... and so on. Any comments?

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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Subject: [sarex] ISS repeater mode to be active

> The repeater mode on board the International Space Station will be
> soon (if not already) by ISS Science Officer, Mike Fincke. The ISS amateur
> radio station should remain in this configuration until just prior to the
> next school contact. The Primary School of Montaud in France is currently
> scheduled for Oct 30 at 1158 UTC. After that contact, the radio will be
> returned  to packet operations.
> Kenneth - N5VHO
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