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EXP 9 STATUS 22 SEPT. 2004

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC - Amsat A/C #31468

* Expedition 9 Keeps Busy as Departure Approaches*
Troubleshooting and analysis continue as the Elektron oxygen generator 
shut itself off Wednesday. Ground specialists are looking into the 
possibility that a software glitch may have caused too much pressure in 
an oxygen line. Meanwhile, Station operations continue as Expedition 9 
plans for a Station reboost Thursday morning.

Flight Engineer Mike Fincke successfully activated and checked out the 
Space Station's treadmill. Despite slack rope concerns, the treadmill 
was cleared for normal crew exercise sessions. Every six months the 
resident crew inspects and maintains the treadmill and its chassis.

Fincke and Commander Gennady Padalka conducted another session of the 
NEUROCOG experiment. They took turns attaching head electrodes and 
measuring EEG (electroencephalogram) data for study on Earth. The 
experiment records data as the crewmembers experience a virtual 
environment in free-floating and fixed positions.

Padalka also inspected a Russian plant experiment, while Fincke did some 
maintenance of an environmental control and life support system inside 
the Zvezda Service Module. The commander also photographed more Earth 
features as his crewmate chose September 25 to perform a microgravity 
demonstration in support of NASA's Educational Program Operation.

Mission managers have set the launch date and time for Expedition 10. 
Expedition 10 Commander Leroy Chiao and Flight Engineer Salizhan 
Sharipov, are planned to launch aboard a Soyuz spacecraft on October 10. 
After liftoff, they would arrive at the ISS nearly two days later.

Also, Flight Engineer Yuri Shargin, a Russian cosmonaut, will launch to 
the ISS with Expedition 10. He will live and work aboard the Station for 
several days and then return home with Expedition 9. Padalka and Fincke 
will return home in the same Soyuz capsule that took them to the 
Station. They will land in Kazakhstan.

International Space Station Status Report No. 52 
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