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ISS repeat mode

Hello to the group

This is Patrick N2OEQ long island new york

Last few days of cross band repeat has been a lot of fun. I made a few
contacts and I have heard quite a few stations. I'm still having trouble
getting in most of the time with 40 watts and a gain vertical.
I am using an ft-8800r dual band radio with 5 memories set 5 khz apart.
I have learned to swithch between memories until I am in but still having
trouble holding it once I'm in with 40 watts. I noticed many others are
having the same problem.
I suspect the squelch on the ISS radio is set too high.
On occasion, one or two stations are solid through the entire pass.
Perhaps they could share their working conditions; especially power

Thanks to all those I contacted and I mail cards the next day.
I'm looking forward to recieving yours.

A million thanks to ariss for trying the repeat mode; It has been a lot of

73, pat
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