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RE: Astronaut operations

 "RANSOM, KENNETH G. (JSC-OC) (BAR)" writes:

> That does sound like an interesting problem. Not sure how you will interpret
> it but this is how the radio works when it is in repeater mode. Signals are
> uplinked on 437.80 and transmitted on 145.80 just like a local repeater with
> a very odd split. When a crewmember joins in, he   can hear stations on the
> uplink and he then transmits on the down link. I'd have to do some testing
> to determine if using the mic prevents anyone from being cross banded while
> the mic is keyed but is seems to make sense that would be the case. Thing
> is, the uplinks are still rebroadcast when the crewmember is not talking. 
> So, a station broadcasting a signal to the crewmember will be rebroadcast
> for others to hear and could be contacted by another station for a contact.
> Sounds to me that your communications enforcement agency would say it is a
> violation to work a crewmember if the contact is made during this mode of
> operation even though the intent was to only work the crewmember.

Thanks for the explanation, Ken. Sounds like it would, indeed, be a violation
over here. Thanks to others for comments too. We'll probably start raising a
ruckus with our licence people.

Thats the sort of silly thing that can happen when someone at the Radio
Licencing organisation decides on methods to implement incentive licencing. :(

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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