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RE: ISS Repeater Operations?

>>> "Bosma Tim" <tbosma@santarosa.edu>>>>
>We had already completed the "listening" demo 
>on several prior passes.  

Sorry, tim

I am sure you did all you could, and I did not mean to
condem your operation at all.  I was just trying to remind
those many other individuals that seem to get so worked
up over access to FM birds... 

Sorry I used your message as an opportunity to kibitz...


>>> "Bosma Tim" <tbosma@santarosa.edu> 9/1/04 2:37:17 PM >>>
We had already completed the "listening" demo 
on several prior passes.  

The students were told beforehand that 5 watts with an Arrow
antenna was an "iffy" proposition.  

So...in terms of your "proper presentation"
we had already completed Items 1 thru 4 on your list. 

But I have a hard time believing that I should 
be faulted for not anticipating that some
lid would dominate such a "unique asset" for so
many days in a row.  


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Subject: RE: [sarex] ISS Repeater Operations?

>I tried to do another parking lot demo this morning... Still 
>couldn't get a word in... this guy was too busy talking...
>...Suffice it to say that my students were not impressed. 

We see these kinds of comments often.  But I think the
problem is that if the "students were not impressed"
then the problem is that their "expectations" were skewed
and they were misslead as to what to expect.

FM Satellite Repeater demos should not suggest that the 
success of the demo is predicated on the demo'er being 
himself heard.   The purpose of the demo is to show how 
easy it is to RECEIVE amateur satellites on a scanner or handheld.

If the students are going away without being impressed,
then the fault is in how the demo was presented and
not in what happens on the downlink.  I think we need
to all remember that an FM bird is a unique asset.  ANd
present it properly..

1) Anyone can receive it.
2) Listen to all these contacts and where they are
    reporting from.
3) Notice how things work best when one station is
    geographically situated to have the best signal and
    can serve as at least one half of the QSO.
4) We probably won't be heard because the entire
    USA is in view right now and there are hundreds
   of hams just like us, out giving demos and so
   our chance of getting in are very small.
5) So we will just listen and not add interference to others.

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