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Re: Re: School Contact

May I put a word in edgewise here.  The Media has to be led around by the 
hand to know anything that is going on.  The best way to ensure proper 
crediting is to have a hand out available, at the event or before, of what, 
who and when.  This way there will be no difficulty with them determining 
what, who and when.

At 10:50 PM 8/29/2004, Grant Zehr wrote:

>In response to :
>Alan Stumpf KB3DHC commenting on the recent school contact in the Pittsburgh
>"Not that the school could have done any anything but the TV station reports
>all stunk in my opinion. All they mentioned was using a radio down link the
>school was talking to a Astronaut. One TV station was using the audio of the
>contact with a picture of a orbital program showing the ISS over Canada no
>where even near Pittsburgh yet."
>We just did a school contact here in Bloomington, IL at the Challenger
>Learning Center (August 16th). We had the local newspaper, a couple radio
>stations and at least 2 TV stations there.  They were mostly interested in
>the kids talking to the astronauts...that is the real story when you stop
>and think about it.  They all mentioned that the contact was made possible
>by help from the local radio club, so the club got a nice comment.  The
>concept of what AMSAT is and how it supports the program is just too much
>for them to cope with while doing a quick story.  The Pittsburgh station
>probably shot their tape of the ISS display before the contact, and then
>shot the kids while they were talking.
>I functioned as the Contact Coordinator and here are my impressions of the
>1. It was Great!
>2. It was a lot of work!
>3. Seeing the kids responses was priceless.
>4. The crowd was generally very impressed with how well they could hear Mike
>from the ISS.  Everyone I talked to left with a better impression of the
>technical ability of amateur radio operators.  "You mean you are really
>talking to the ISS with ham radio?" was the question of the day.  It was
>very much a "Wow" kind of moment.
>5. The local radio club members were terrific.  They helped with antennas,
>feedlines, computers...everything.  They didn't have satellite experience
>but they had plenty of radio experience and it showed.
>6.  The students were definitely impressed that ham radio was "cool"... at
>least that day! (we're working the group for potential new recruits)
>6.  Did I say it was GREAT!
>This was by far the most work AND the most fun for one QSO that I ever did.
>The radio and TV stations all had us on the newscasts and we were on the
>front page of the newspaper the next morning.    I consider that a huge
>media success.  If you ever get a chance to help out by all means sign up!
>Grant Zehr AA9LC
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