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ARISS Event -- Upper St. Clair High School Friday

The ARISS team is pleased to announce that the next school 
contact with the International Space Station astronauts 
will take place Friday, 27 August between the ISS crew and 
students at Upper St. Clair High School in Upper St. 
Clair, Pennsylvania, USA. The contact is scheduled to 
begin approximately 1345 UTC or 9:45 local time.

Please note the packet station will be turned off prior to 
the beginning of the contact.  It will be returned to 
service as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your 

The contact will be in English.  The ISS crew will use the 
NA1SS call sign and Upper St. Clair High School will use 
the WB4GCS call.  Since this contact will be direct the 
downlink on 145.80 MHz will be audible over parts of the 
United States and Canada. The ARISS team welcomes everyone 
in the area to listen in on the contact.

Questions the students will ask include:

1. What aspect of living on the space station did you have 
the hardest time adjusting to?
2. Would you please describe the experience of walking in 
3. What has been the most unexpected challenge you?ve had 
to face since you?ve been on the space station?

4. What do the stars look like from orbit?  Do they 

5. From your experience of living in a small, enclosed 
area, do you have any suggestions for improving teamwork 
in school or the workplace here on Earth?

6. From your perspective on orbit, how can you help us 
understand the true vastness of the universe?

7. What is the most fun you?ve ever had in space?

8. What is the single best argument you can give to people 
who don?t understand the value of funding the space 

9. Where would you like to see humankind go next in space?

10. How has your perspective of environmental protection 
been affected by your ability to see Earth from space?

11. How does your knowledge of foreign languages help you 
as an astronaut and scientist?

12. What will you tell your newborn baby was your most 
important personal accomplishment while in space?

13. Congratulations on your new baby!  Do you think giving 
birth in 0g would be easier or more difficult than on 

14. What part did you play in designing the amazing 
Expedition 9 logo?

15. Can you see the boundaries of the Earth?s tectonic 
plates from the ISS?

Upper St. Clair High School is located 12 miles south of 
Pittsburgh, PA.  There are approximately 1400 students, 
grades 9 ? 12.  Although there is no amateur radio club, 
the school is both a ?Blue Ribbon? and ?New American High 
School,? and the students have won many national awards, 
including a first place in the National Design and 
Engineering Competition and selection to represent PA at 
the International Future Problem Solving Conference.  The 
school is also proud of its International Baccalaureate 
Diploma Program and its strong participation in the World 
Affairs Council of Pittsburgh.

ARISS is an international educational outreach program 
with US participation from NASA, AMSAT (The Amateur 
Satellite Radio Corp.), and the American Radio Relay 
League.  ARISS offers an opportunity for students to 
experience the excitement of Amateur Radio by talking 
directly with crewmembers on-board the International Space 
Station. Teachers, parents and communities experience, 
first hand, how Amateur Radio and crewmembers on ISS can 
energize youngsters' interest in science, technology, and 
learning.  Further information on the ARISS programme is 
available on the website http://www.rac.ca/ariss

Thank you & 73,
Scott H. Stevens / N3ASA
ARISS Team Member
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