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Challenger Center ARISS contact successful

Hi all,

Challenger Center in Bloomington, IL just had a very successful ARISS school 
contact today 2004-08-16 at 18:05 UTC.  Fourteen year old Roxie Able KC9CSV 
was on the mic using W9AML with Grant Zehr AA9LC acting as the control op.  
Thirteen questions were directed at Mike and Mike did his usual great job.  
Congrats to Mike on the ISS and the kids at Challenger Center.  The ham crew at 
Challenger did an outstanding job.

Actual AOS occurred about 2 minutes later than predicted and LOS was dead on 
predicted.  There were 2 TV stations, 1 radio, and several newspapers in 

Congrats to all!

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
ARISS mentor
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