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ARISS Bulletin -- Chance Contacts with the Crew

The ARISS programme is fortunate to have another all-ham crew that is
very enthusiastic about talking to ground-based Amateur Radio
operators.  We saw the enthusiasm of Mike Fincke, KE5AIT, and Gennady
Padalka, RN3DT, on Field Day when they made simultaneous contacts
throughout the day.

The ARISS team wants to remind everyone that the crew is on a strict
schedule, so the best time frame to try contacting them is between 0800
and 1900 UTC.  And we have a better chance of talking to them on the

The downlink is 145.80 MHz world-wide, and the voice uplink is 144.49
MHz for regions 2 & 3 and  145.20 MHz for region 1.

Thank you for your participation in the ARISS programme, and a special
"Thank you!" to Expedition 9.

Scott H. Stevens / N3ASA
ARISS Team Member
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