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Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC - Amsat #31468

* ISS Crew Checks Out Seatliners, Works on Spacesuits*

Expedition 9 Commander Gennady Padalka and NASA ISS Science Officer Mike
Fincke had a busy Wednesday aboard the International Space Station. They
put on their Russian Sokol pressure suits and conducted a fit check of
the custom-made seatliners in the ISS Soyuz
8 spacecraft. They will return to Earth aboard the Soyuz in October.

Inside the Quest Airlock
Padalka and Fincke began maintenance on two spacesuits, called
Extravehicular Mobility Units. The suits had cooling system issues that
prevented one of them from being used.

The crew also participated in a biomedical experiment that uses
ultrasound equipment in the Destiny Laboratory Module
Human Research Facility

*Elements: Quest Joint Airlock*

The Quest Joint Airlock is a pressurized flight element consisting of
two cylindrical chambers attached end-to-end by a connecting bulkhead
and hatch. Once installed and activated, the airlock becomes the primary
path for International Space Station space walk entry and departure for
U.S. spacesuits, which are known as Extravehicular Mobility Units, or
EMUs. In addition, the Joint Airlock is designed to support the Russian
Orlan spacesuit for EVA activity.

*Airlock Specifications*
*Material:*     *Aluminum*
*Length:*     *5.5 meters
(18 ft.)*
*Diameter:*     *4 meters
(13 ft.)*
*Weight:*     *6,064 kilograms
(13,368 lbs.)*
*Volume:*     *34 cubic meters
(1,200 cu ft.)*

The Joint Airlock acts as a stowage area for EMU hardware as well as a
staging area for crewmembers preparing to conduct a space walk. A
combination of the Russian depress pump and pressure equalization valves
located within the hatches accommodate the
depressurization/pressurization capability of the airlock. The addition
of the airlock permits space station-based space walks to be performed
without major loss of environmental consumables such as air.

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