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    Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC - Amsat #31468

*Station Crew Unloads Progress Cargo, Prepares for Spacewalk 

The Expedition 9 crew wrapped up another busy week aboard the 
International Space Station that included cargo transfers and 
preparations for an upcoming spacewalk. Commander Gennady Padalka and 
NASA ISS Science Mike Fincke unloaded supplies and equipment from the 
ISS Progress 14 spacecraft that arrived May 27. Progress 14 delivered 
about 2.5 tons of fresh supplies and equipment.

Thursday, Padalka and Fincke stepped up preparations for the spacewalk 
slated to take place no earlier than June 15 CDT. They began configuring 
the Russian Orlan spacesuits that they will use during the 
extravehicular activity.

The objective of the EVA is to replace the failed Remote Power 
Controller Module (RPCM) on the S0 Truss 
</station/assembly/elements/its/index.html#starboard>. The RPCM is 
responsible for the temporary loss of Control Moment Gyro No. 2 in 
April. The gyroscope is one of four that control the ISS' orientation.

Expedition 9 Mission Overview </station/crew/exp9/mm-exp-9.pdf> (PDF 191 Kb)

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