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MCI audio streaming

Thanks for information on logging onto the MCI teleconference web site. 
  I want to listen to the telebridge audio during the coming Erie 
Planetarium, Erie, PA event served by VK5ZAI in Australia.

Information about the MCI monitoring was at:

I have some questions about standardization of telebridge contacts.  Do 
most ARISS telebridge contacts use this MCI arrangement?  Percentage? 
Is this arranged via the ARRL ARISS committee?  How many telebridge 
stations are there?

Of course broadcasting the ARISS events via IRLP or EchoLink will retain 
an amateur radio presence and I expect that this is preferred.  I 
noticed that this had been done many times in the past.  For example, we 
broadcasted the Sept. 10, 2003 ARISS event via W2SKY on IRLP and 
EchoLink.  A second school monitored the event on IRLP.  This brought a 
ham into a second classroom to share the event.

My suggestion is to encourage the use of these amateur radio voice over 
IP methods.  It gives more exposure of amateur radio to schools that 
want to monitor the ARISS event.

Peter Fournia, W2SKY

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