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ISS telebridge link over Australia

A telebridge voice linkup between the ISS and the Erie Planetarium in
Pennsylvania USA will be telebridged through VK5ZAI  on  May 25 at 1801 hrs.
UTC  ( this is at 3:31am. in the morning of the 26th., local Sth. Aust. time)
The down link from the ISS will be on 145.800 mHz and should be readable over
most of Australia.
The duration of the contact will be approx.10 minutes and all are welcome to

      Regards Tony.

 Aust. ARISS Co-ordinator

 web site: http://www.electric-web.org

 J.A.(Tony) Hutchison. VK5ZAI
 P.O. Box 470 Kingston SE, 5275
 South Australia.
 Grid.PF93vd: AMSAT Aust..#799
 Member of AMSAT-NA....#33418

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