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ISS.. See all the FUN to be had and learned!

Here is an interesting short story on one's endeavor to hear ISS packets for 
the first time!

Oh the FUN!!!

73, Scott WA6LIE

Hi Scott,

Just thought I would drop an email your way.  You see, last night was the 
first time I was able to get my computer hooked up to my radio (ic-v8000). 
For an antenna all I have is an Arrow AO-27 hand pointed antenna.  So anyway 
there I was standing outside holding the antenna, squinting to see my 
monitor inside the house, cables everywhere, and I heard a packet... nothing 
happenned.  Waited and waited, taking a swag (Scientific-Wild-Ass-Guess) as 
to where the ISS is.  I hear another packet (slow night I guess).  I 
immediately look toward my monitor.  There is something there but I can't 
read it from where I am standing.  I can't leave the antenna, I might miss 
something.  By this time I am standing on a four wheeler in my back yard 
trying to get every inch out of my 6 foot frame.  Nothing.  By this time the 
ISS in LOS so I go inside and look to see what I captured:

Fm WA6LIE-3 To AP30 Via RS0ISS-3* <UI pid=F0 Len=56 >[23:37:42]
;ISS_ 123 *050637z3235.38N\10800.40WS045/999/at 050637z

Thats all I got for the entire 10 minutes or so of visible signal time. 
That was good enough!  Thanks for being there for me on this one.  You are 
my first RX from the ISS!

Michael S. King
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