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ARISS Event Notice -- ESA Contact Saturday

The ARISS team is pleased to announce that the next school contact with
the International Space Station astronauts will take place Saturday, 24
April between Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers (PI9ISS) and students at
club station PI9ESA of the ESTEC Radio Club, located at Noordwijk, the
Netherlands. The contact is scheduled to begin about 0750 UTC or 9:30
Central European Time.

The youngsters will visit Space Expo, the permanent Space exhibition
located nearby ESTEC, the European Space Research and Technology
Centre. The big event will be the direct radio contact with Andre
Kuipers on board the ISS. Several schoolchildren will put a question to
the astronaut and get his answer right from Space. This conversation
will be conducted in Dutch.

Please note, the packet station will be turned off prior to the
beginning of the contact.  It will be returned to service as quickly as

Here are the questions prepared by the pupils (in Dutch):

* Hoe lopen jullie in de ruimte? OVER
* Kan je in de ruimte wel op een stoel zitten? OVER
* Heb je daar wel internetverbinding? OVER
* Is het niet lastig in een kleine ruimte te leven? OVER
* Vliegt jullie eten rond? OVER
* Zijn er ook vrouwen in de ruimte? OVER
* Is een ruimtepak erg warm? OVER
* Is er een klok in de ruimte? OVER
* Waarmee adem je in de ruimte? OVER
* Met hoeveel mensen bent u in het ruimteschip?
* Moet je je scheren in de ruimte en hoe doe je dat? Groeien je haren
wel in de ruimte? OVER
* Hoe heb je contact met de Russische en Amerikaanse astronauten? OVER
* Waarom wilt U weten of er in de ruimte planten groeien? OVER
* Hoe koud is het in de ruimte? OVER
* Hoelang blijf je in de ruimte? OVER
* Wat vind u leuker in de ruimte of op aarde? OVER
* Moet je veel oefenen om astronaut te worden? OVER
* Is de ruimte hetzelfde als op televisie? OVER

As usual, interested parties are invited to listen to the downlink
frequency 145.800 MHz FM. The signals from the ISS will be audible over
a wide region of western Europe.

Thanks to Gaston Bertels of ARISS-Europe for information on this

ARISS is an international educational outreach program with US
participation from NASA, AMSAT (The Amateur Satellite Radio Corp.), and
the American Radio Relay League.  ARISS offers an opportunity for
students to experience the excitement of Amateur Radio by talking
directly with crewmembers on-board the International Space Station.
Teachers, parents and communities experience, first hand, how Amateur
Radio and crew members on ISS can energize youngsters interest in
science, technology, and learning.  Further information on the ARISS
programme is available on the website http://www.rac.ca/ariss

Thank you & 73,
Scott Lindsey-Stevens / N3ASA
ARISS Team Member

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