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Exp 8 Focuses on Science

Submitted by Arthur-N1ORC - Amsat #31468

*ISS Crew Focuses on Science 
This week on the International Space Station, the Expedition 8 crew 
devoted most of its time to science. Commander and NASA ISS Science 
Officer Michael Foale worked on crystal and fluid physics experiments. 
Flight Engineer Alexander Kaleri tended pea plants in the Zvezda Service 
Module's greenhouse.

Foale completed the Miscible Fluids in Microgravity 
<http://www1.msfc.nasa.gov/NEWSROOM/background/facts/mfmg.html> (MFMG) 
investigation and stowed the samples. MFMG studies how miscible fluids 
-- those that completely dissolve -- interact without the interference 
of gravity. Scientists hope the experiment leads to ways of improving 
numerous processes ranging from making plastics to manufacturing 
medicines. Honey and water are the two fluids used in this investigation.

The Elektron oxygen generation system continues to function well. Foale 
and Kaleri repaired the Russian system last week after repeated 
shutdowns had forced them to take it offline. The crew replaced some 
major components. They restarted the Elektron last Saturday, and it has 
operated normally since then.

Also during the week, Kaleri tested the Russian TORU manual docking 
system, using the ISS Progress 13 vehicle docked to Zvezda. Kaleri and 
Foale performed a scheduled U.S. spacesuit inspection Friday.

On Tuesday, both crewmembers talked with students at Mill Middle School 
in Williamsville, N.Y

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