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Exp 8 Report-Elektron Operations Return to Normal

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC - Amsat #31468

*Elektron Operations Return to Normal  3/25/2004*
The International Space Station's Elektron oxygen generation system is 
up and running again. The Elektron has operated with no glitches since 
it was reactivated Saturday following repair work by Expedition 8 
Commander Michael Foale and Flight Engineer Alexander Kaleri.

The Elektron was taken offline when it experienced a series of unplanned 
shutdowns that occurred after a few minutes of service. Russian flight 
controllers believe the cause of the shutdowns was potassium hydroxide 
electrolytes -- a byproduct of the oxygen generation process -- that 
created air bubbles in the liquids unit.

The crew replaced a liquids unit and a water flow system over a two-day 
period to fix the problem.

While the Elektron was offline, the crew used solid-fuel oxygen 
generation (SFOG) canisters to supply oxygen. The SFOG canisters and the 
Quest Airlock </station/assembly/elements/airlock/index.html> tanks can 
supply the ISS with oxygen for several months if needed.

The crew's activities on Monday included taking routine air samples in 
the Zvezda Service Module and measuring noise levels on the outpost. 
Foale and Kaleri also monitored Station systems and worked with science 

On the ground, engineers are discussing an increase in air pressure 
between the panes in the Destiny Laboratory 
</station/assembly/elements/uslab/index.html>'s Earth observation 
window. The pressure increase may indicate a small leak in the window 
assembly. The issue poses no threat to cabin pressure.

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